Whitewater Solutions Restore Rivers and Enhance Communities

As cities developed industries near rivers, the waterways deteriorated from pollution, erosion and misuse. Merrick’s whitewater engineers work to restore rivers to a more natural state, improving their ability to handle floodwaters, restoring habitat, and adding recreational opportunities to make them part of the community again. Our work has positive economic impacts on communities and can make the river a gathering point for locals and visitors.

Let us review the possibilities for your whitewater concept. Let’s work together to bring it to life.

Revitalized Rivers Boost Communities, Too

Restoring and Enhancing Our Rivers

Restoring badly eroded or misused rivers creates opportunities to enhance their recreational quality and ability to accommodate flooding.

Moving Surfing Inland

River surf parks create recreational opportunities for communities not located on the coasts, creating community gathering points.

Bringing Back the Community

Whitewater parks create a gathering point to draw residents and visitors back to our rivers for recreation and fellowship.

Restoring and Stabilizing Our Rivers

River Restoration and Diversions

Merrick’s water resources engineers design, model, and install multipurpose features for river stabilization projects that are friendly to aquatic habitat and outdoor enthusiasts. Roughened channel fish passage mimics natural riverbeds so fish will pass. It creates a channel that, when wet or dry, looks like a natural riverbed and requires virtually no maintenance. We also design grade-control structures to slow river velocity, and transverse river stabilization to improve the river’s ability to handle floods.

Whitewater Restoration

Building Community on the Water

Whitewater Recreational Facilities

As we work to restore rivers, whitewater recreational facilities help bring the community back to the river. These parks become hubs of activity. Merrick’s whitewater engineers have designed successful whitewater parks in more than a dozen communities. We work with stakeholders to develop strategies for achieving goals through detailed economic impact studies, stakeholder meetings, and design discussions.

Creating the Future of Inland Surfing

River Surf Parks

Merrick’s whitewater engineering team is redefining river recreation and surfing and reshaping the economics of surfing worldwide. Our waves have created vibrant, sustainable inland surfing communities. We are the only full-service engineering firm with a division dedicated 100% to the development of stationary waves designed specifically for surfers.

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