Enabling Superb Science in Universities

Merrick works closely with universities to design labs and animal research facilities, perform certifications assessments, and complete operational planning to meet the functional needs of science. Our work includes plant, animal, and human-health facilities, including containment facilities where the highest levels of design coordination and quality control are essential.

We understand science and the facilities it requires. Contact us to discuss your next project.

Solutions Based on Science

Merrick specializes in facilities that put science first, respecting our clients’ mission and enabling superb science.

We deliver excellence in:

  • Plant and Animal Containment Facilities
  • Diagnostic and Training Facilities
  • Human Health and Environmental Research Facilities
  • Commissioning and Validation of Laboratory Facilities
  • Operations Planning and SOP Development
  • Certification Assessments and Forensic Analysis

COVID-19 Response and Recovery for Academia

Colleges and universities face a monumental challenge returning to and remaining in operation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Merrick provides strategic, institution-specific counsel that is driven by our biorisk assessment and management methodologies. Merrick is the only firm that provides both facilities and program support to colleges and universities with our team of biorisk management professionals, architects and engineers, epidemiologists, public health experts, and infectious disease specialists. We evaluate campus operations and provide discrete and specific counsel to mitigate and manage infectious disease threats that may compromise the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff. Learn more about our COVID-19 response, recovery and sustainability here.

Containment Laboratories

Merrick specializes in high-containment facilities and laboratories for plants, animals, and humans. We design BSL- 3, BSL3Ag, and BSL-4 labs, as well as lower biosecurity levels. We focus on designing functional and safe facilities through programming/conceptual design, facilities and lab design, transition and operational planning, certification assessments, and forensic assessments.

Diagnostic, Training, and Research Facilities

In addition to labs and high containment facilities, Merrick also provides services for other science facilities, including diagnostic, training, and research laboratories, at all security levels. As with all our life sciences projects, our goal is to enable our clients to perform superb science in buildings that work.

Specialized Laboratory Services

Merrick provides a broad range of specialized laboratory services, from operations and transition planning to certification assessments to training and everything in between. We’re a provider of choice when it comes to commissioning facilities. Merrick has a reputation for getting labs up and running—even labs we did not design.

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